ESTA has worked in a close relationship with a small group of Associates on an ongoing basis for the past 15 years.

Collin C. Reaney, Senior Associate

Collin is a consultant in strategic planning, change management and business transformation and has been an Associate in E.S. Tunis and Associates for over 15 years. Since 1989, he has worked with and led private and public sector teams in the educational, commercial and NGO sectors. He specializes in analyzing management processes, tracking changes, leadership development and developing and implementing innovative performance improvement strategies. Collin has also conducted extensive research and written about business transformation, performance improvement and management training. He has travelled and worked extensively in Canada, the United States and overseas working with clients in Canadian federal and provincial governments, multilateral organizations, INGOs and several UN agencies. Collin has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  More

Tom Rankin, Senior Associate

Tom is a consultant in change management, organization design and leadership development and has been an associate in E.S. Tunis and Associates for over 15 years. Tom’s consulting experience includes assignments with all levels of government, the private sector, several UN agencies, non-governmental organizations and labour unions. He is particularly skilled in helping diverse groups find common ground and is frequently employed to facilitate complex change efforts involving several stakeholders. He is comfortable working at all levels of the workplace from the board room to the office / shop floor. Tom has worked extensively throughout Canada and the United States, as well as on projects in Australia, South Africa, and several West and East European countries. His international experience includes a year as guest researcher at the Swedish Centre for Working Life in Stockholm. Tom has a PhD in Social Systems Science from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  More

Dennis Hogarth, Senior Associate

Dennis Hogarth has had over 38 years of experience working with KPMG, serving in both client service and internal management roles. For 17 years, Dennis served over 100 KPMG member firms as his clients in a large, multinational corporate environment. His roles in that capacity included the design, implementation and management of organization-wide information, Communications and Technology systems. His work includes considerable experience in the formation, evaluation and restructuring of ICT functions, as well as the recruitment of appropriate individuals to form high performance teams that are effective at assuming responsibility for managing ongoing ICT operations. More

Frank Voortman, Senior Associate

Frank Voortman is an ESTA Associate and award-winning technology innovator with experience as a CIO, IT Architect and Office 365 Consultant at large global organizations. As an IT Manager at KPMG International Headquarters in The Netherlands, Frank developed and implemented KPMG’s Global IT strategies, including managing the transition of KPMG’s technology environment from the Apple platform to Microsoft. Frank is an expert in knowledge management system integration and cloud-based collaboration environments, with a proven ability to develop bespoke strategies to merge legacy information-sharing systems with new technology solutions to eliminate digital boundaries and increase enterprise productivity. In 2014-15 Frank helped migrate the global company Wavin from a Lotus Notes environment to Office 365, and he is currently assisting a major US corporation with IT architecture related to the implementation of a Global Office 365 solution. In this role he works closely together with Microsoft to implement a true Dev/Ops Cloud environment for O365/Azure/CRM. Frank received a Global Innovation award at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in 2006. He is an MBA graduate of the Technical University of Twente (Netherlands).

George Fehling, Associate

George is an associate of E.S. Tunis and Associates with more than 25 years of experience in marketing communications consulting. A graduate of New York University, George spent seven years living and working in Europe and Asia as a journalist, editor, and corporate communications manager before returning to the US.  He has extensive experience at the professional services firm KPMG, where he specialized in global internal communications, and recently served as the Senior ICT Communications Specialist in the ITSS Division at UNICEF. More

Madeleine Toller, Senior Associate

Madeleine Toller is an associate of E.S. Tunis and Associates with over 20 years of public sector experience in Organizational Design and Human Resources Management.  Madeleine’s professional services focus on the design and development of resourcing and recruitment strategies for federal departments and agencies.  As a former executive within the public service and a private consultant, she has worked with a wide range of senior executives and managers to implement significant organizational design or HR management initiatives, including Work Force Adjustment strategies.  Madeleine has an extensive inventory of innovative, high-quality HR tools, as well as strong communication (in French and English), negotiation and organizational skills.

Diane Houle Rutherford, Senior Associate

Diane is an Organisational Development consultant, executive coach, trainer, speaker and facilitator known for her highly dynamic and participative style and her systemic approach to change management. She has been an Associate of E.S. Tunis and Associates for 9 years. For over 18 years Diane has provided consulting services to managers and senior level executives in both the public and the private sectors, in Canada, the United States, and Europe. She has worked on interventions related to Leadership Development and Action Learning, Creativity and Creative Problem Solving, Individual and team coaching, Change and Transition Management, Team Building, and Organisational Climate Assessment. Diane is a licensed practitioner of the Kirton Adaption Innovation Inventory (KAI). She is perfectly bilingual (French and English).  More

Phil Jensen, Senior Associate

Phil Jensen has over 25 years of experience in policy development, program management  (especially Grants and Contributions) and the management of strategic transformations in the public sector. He has extensive experience in organizational renewal, culture change and program review, redesign and management. Phil has a proven track record leading large organizations in both the public and private sectors and improving organizational performance while managing change and risk.  More

Glynnis French, Associate

Glynnis French is a senior associate of ESTA Consulting. She is skilled in assisting organizations with strategic positioning, system transformation and business process alignment across functions. She has 25 years experience helping a wide range of clients in the areas financial and administrative review and redesign. Glynnis has served as a senior leader in the federal Government of Canada in demanding and dynamic roles that include Chief Financial Officer at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and senior roles in IT, and HR.  Glynnis has designed and led multi-stakeholder processes to achieve buy-in, approvals and successful outcomes in transformational and horizontal initiatives. More

James Clemens, Associate

James Clemens is an associate of E.S. Tunis and Associates and brings over a decade of professional experience in leadership development, learning strategy, design, delivery and management; and organizational change and effectiveness. He has worked with a number of organizations in the Canadian public and non-government sectors and has also shared his expertise internationally. To ensure that his products and services remain relevant to his clients’ needs, James works closely with the leaders of his client organizations as well as with subject matter experts and leaders both across Canada and around the world. James is able to provide services in both English and French.  More

Susan Snider, Associate

Susan Snider is an Associate of E.S. Tunis and Associates and brings to the team over 15 years of experience working with both large and small clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. She has worked with groups that range from senior executives and boards of directors through to middle managers and young leaders, both in North America and abroad. Susan uses collaborative approaches and facilitated interventions as primary tools to support her work in strategic planning, business transformation and adult learning.  More

Mark Uygur, Associate

For the past eight years, Mark has been an associate at ESTA working on strategic planning, change management and learning and development projects. During this period he has worked with clients in public and private sector organizations, special interest groups and multilateral agenices. Recenlty, Mark has worked on a number of consulting assignments with the Untied Nations including UNHCR and UNFPA. This work has taken him to South Africa, Bangkok, Geneva, New York and Panama.  More