Patricia specializes in integral coaching and leadership development. She brings to these areas a background based in education, integral theory and years of design and facilitation of learning and human development. Patricia’s skills include: integral coaching of individuals and groups; leadership development; program design, development and delivery; and public and stakeholder engagement.

Beginning in 2000, Patricia has co-designed the following programs for the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS): Leading Policy, and multi-phased program such as Living Leadership, the Accelerated Executive Development Program and the Advanced Leadership Program. She is currently designing and implementing a 2-year program for management development. She has led a 4-year train-the-trainer program for TVOntario to enhance skill levels in teachers across the Carleton Board of Education, beginning with a team of 7 which expanded to over 200 practitioners. Patricia has been coaching since 1997 and provides services focused on performance and development of leaders.

Patricia has worked across Canada both as a public engagement facilitator on behalf of the Government of Canada and with a focus on leadership development for the Canada School. She has also worked internationally in all sectors for the CSPS, also in the field of leadership development. Her work has brought her in contact with senior representatives and staff of organizations such as the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, High Commissions and Consulates across India and in Singapore, SCRIA (Sustainable Rural Development by Communities), Fortis Health Care, Economic Development organizations, Port Authorities and partners involved in the 2004 tsunami in Chennai.

Patricia has a B.A. (Sociology and Psychology) from Carleton University, and B.Ed. (Guidance) from the University of Ottawa. She is a certified integral coach and a former faculty member of Integral Coaching Canada. Patricia is also a certified trainer of Organization Workshop focused on system partnerships.