Collin specializes in strategic planning, change management, business development, client service strategies and institutional design. He brings to these areas a background and approach founded in the principles of Organizational Behaviour and Development. Collin has a broad range of skills in a number of core competency areas, such as: training program design, development and delivery, service improvement, strategic planning, leadership development, public and stakeholder engagement and international business development.

Collin’s experience has included working with retail sector clients in developing human resource strategies to improve customer service and competitive advantage. In the Province of Ontario, Collin has helped the Anti-Racism Secretariat find new strategic directions. He assisted a federal government agency in improving productivity by 60% after 4 years of productivity decline. He has designed and delivered training programs focusing on trade, for both public and private sector clients. Collin has worked as Director of National Programs for the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), where he designed and implemented incentive programs, encouraging innovation and excellence in human resource development at 120 Canadian educational and technical institutions. Collin has worked directly with the textile industry in the United States on managerial initiatives introducing changes in financing, trade, and the introduction of technology to the workplace. He has also taught at institutions of higher learning including developing and delivering a course on Organizational Behaviour and Development in the Executive MBA program at St. Mary’s University.

Collin has travelled and worked extensively in Canada, in the United States and overseas. He has experience working in diverse environments with international organizations such as UNHCR, the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, UNECA and UNDP. He designed and delivered the Canada School of Public Service’s Leadership Across Borders program for public service executives from Canada the UK, Australia and New Zealand and customized a three day training program on Service Improvement in the e-Environment to senior public servants from the United Arab Emirates.

Collin has a B.A. (Politics and Public Policy) from Brock University, and an MPA (Public Policy and Finance) from the JFK School of Government at Harvard University. He has also studied International Law and Northern Development/Economics at the University of Toronto and Carleton University.