Core Business
ESTA provides a range of management consulting services to government agencies, international multilateral organizations, special interest groups, charities and corporate enterprises. We work in close concert with our clients to increase organizational performance through the analysis of internal and external issues and the collaborative development of products that facilitate growth and change.
Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, ESTA operates nationally and globally. Our clients include professional staff, managers and executive leaders in both international agencies and the Government of Canada.

Our practice centres on three interrelated disciplines: Strategic Planning, Change Management and Learning and Development.


Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning Framework

ESTA develops strategic plans for teams, departments and organizations that clearly define their future direction and the steps that need to be taken to arrive at it. We work with  our clients to construct:

  • Vision and Mission statements that describe what their organization does, why they do it and how they want it to look in the next three to five years.
  • Strategies that articulate how the Vision and Mission will be achieved.
  • Action plans for implementing the Strategies.
  • Results statements that provide a basis for monitoring progress, and evaluating the impact of the Strategies.

Our consultants use a proven approach that takes into account the uniqueness of each client’s needs and available resources. We use rigorous research techniques and a collaborative process that includes teaching leadership teams how to think strategically and work together to collectively define a direction for their organization.  More


Change Management

ESTA helps its clients manage and monitor the change process when new initiatives are being implemented in their organization. Our goal is to ensure that corporate-wide or departmental transformations are made in a planned and organized manner. To this end, we use a variety of methods and techniques including:

  • Challenging senior staff members to clearly and collectively define the end state they are trying to achieve.
  • Engaging all relevant staff members and stakeholders in the change process.
  • Changing workplace behaviours that may impede the transformational process.
  • Developing learning programs that will facilitate the transition to the new state.
  • Developing the skills and capacity of senior staff so that they can lead change without the need of external assistance.

We believe that the best way to create change in an organization is to have it be led by those that are impacted by it. We work with our clients to build “in-house” working groups that will lead the transformation. We coach them in problem solving, strategic analysis and organization design techniques; guide them through the analytical phase of the transformation process; help them draw links between long term strategic goals and short term tactical ones; and advise them on how to minimize organizational disruptions. Our goal is to facilitate smooth transitions that lead to increased organizational performance and effectiveness.  More


Learning and Development

For over 15 years ESTA has supported public institutions in developing multi-phase blended learning programs that build management and leadership skills and competencies and complement and facilitate larger change  interventions. Our consultants have also designed standalone programs with topics that range from strategic thinking, human resources and finance to management accountability, governance and values and ethics. We have the in-house expertise to provide services throughout the entire development cycle from the learning needs analysis phase to program delivery.

The learning content and material of our programs is customized to meet the specific needs of our clients and we always aim to strike a balance between theoretical teachings and practical learning. We use a variety of techniques to achieve this end such as case studies, in-class lectures, expert presentations, group work, plenary discussions, site visits, role playing, distance learning and personal coaching. Our learning programs are often a complementary part of our change management and strategic planning initiatives and we use them frequently to develop the organizational capacity required to ensure our interventions are a success.  More